Effective Ways To Preserve The Quality Of Your Luxury Furniture

Effective Ways to Preserve the Quality of Your Luxury Furniture

Infog Effective Ways To Preserve The Quality Of Your Luxury Furniture

Luxury furniture in the Philippines is a worthwhile investment. It’s one of the key pieces in your home that can instantly upgrade and change the whole aesthetic and look. You need to care for any investment and this includes your luxury furniture. Properly caring for it and preserving it can make it last longer while also preserving much of the unique designs of your favorite furniture designers.

Want to learn more about effective ways to preserve your furniture? Here are some methods you can try.




Placement and location is everything. This also applies to your luxury furniture. The extreme weather conditions of the Philippines can put the longevity of your furniture to the test. Proper placement of furniture can significantly extend the life of a specific piece. It’s not wise to expose your furniture to extreme heat, sunlight, and moisture. That is just a disaster waiting to happen. This is especially evident if your furniture is made of wood.


  • Sunlight

Look at the room you’re currently in. If there’s lots of natural lighting coming through, you might need to move your furniture around. Direct sunlight can fade the finish of any furniture. Most of the time sunlight hits only a specific part of the furniture, which can lead to discoloration. Make sure to position your furniture away from direct sunlight. If you’re unable to do this, use your drapes and curtains when the sun is at its highest. You may even install shades or blinds that can control how much sunlight goes through your windows to shield your furniture from harmful sun rays.


  • Temperature

Temperature is another factor that can diminish the quality of your luxury furniture. The Philippines is notorious for acute weather conditions. Sudden shifts in temperatures are never good for luxury furniture. Temperature spikes can cause your furniture’s wood to warp. The ideal room temperature should be balanced. If it’s possible, move your furniture away from any heating or cooling devices. If you can’t avoid this, at least try to make sure that the temperature in the room flows evenly.


  • Humidity

Unstable humidity is the worst any furniture. Take care of your luxury furniture in the Philippines by avoiding areas where humidity is poorly balanced. Ideally, you would want to keep your furniture away from any kind of air conditioning or heat source. Rooms that contain luxury furniture need to have a humidifier to regulate the humidity in those areas.


  • Moving

Moving your furniture around by pushing them or dragging them may cause a significant amount of unwanted damage. Carefully lift your precious furniture or transfer them to a moving cart in order to prevent any scratches on your floor and your furniture. If you are worried that the slightest movement can scratch your floor or damage the foot of your furniture, you can place furniture leg protection to prevent damages to your floor.




Majority of luxury furniture in the Philippines is composed of wood. It’s durable and aesthetically-pleasing but if you don’t care for it properly, they can get scratched, warp, split, and acquire stains. Handle your wooden furniture with a lot of care.


  • Decorative Items

Protect your wood furniture by placing pads underneath decorative items. Place a pad of paper on the bottom of your vase, jars, and other similar decors. Self-adhesive pads are easy to install and are completely inconspicuous. Soft barriers can prevent any scratches on wood. So make good use of those table runners.


  • Steer Clear from Chemicals

Solvents and chemicals can damage furniture pieces. Cleaners, acetone, and perfume are some of the most common items that can damage your furniture. Avoid spraying these directly on your wood furniture. You might wake up to some damaged spots if you’re not careful.


  • Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials like rubber, plastic, and vinyl can cause discoloration, softness, and damage to the finish of your furniture. Put something in between the wood, like a pad to protect its surface.


  • Spills

Avoid spilling any kind of liquid on the surface of your furniture. If ever liquid comes into contact with your furniture, you need to wipe or blot the spill dry immediately to prevent any watermarks and other potential damages from occurring.


  • Moisture

Moisture is the enemy of wood. Don’t place damp objects on wood as it can leave a mark or damage the finish. Avoid putting cleaning sponges, damp clothes, or anything moist on your furniture. As much as possible use coasters when you’re drinking. A coaster can help protect the surface of your furniture from heat and moisture.


  • Placemats

Placemats are simple solutions for your dining table. Luxury furniture in the Philippines requires a bit of attention, especially in dining situations. Your furniture can be prone to damage when it’s subjected to extreme temperatures. Add a layer of padding with a placemat so any hot dinnerware can dampen the temperature that may come into contact with your table’s surface.




Luxury furniture in the Philippines such as living room pieces has upholstery that needs to be properly cared for. Like wood furniture, you need to protect them from spills, stains, and snags. If you want to keep your furniture pristine, here are some tips you can try out.


  • Cushions

Don’t forget about your cushions, especially if they can be removed. Give them frequent fluffing as much as possible. This prevents the fiberfill material from compressing. Compressed fiber fills can cause creasing, which is very difficult to repair. If your cushions are attached, you can still fluff them out by pressing on them. Another thing to note about cushions is to make sure that you rotate it weekly. This prevents compression and uneven wear.


  • Avoid Sharp Objects

Anything from sharp toys to belt buckles can puncture and tear your upholstery. Keep it away from your furniture to prevent damage. Luxury furniture in the Philippines should be kept away from play areas since young children might accidentally damage the upholstery with sharp toys.


Key Takeaway

Luxury furniture in the Philippines requires a lot of care. Make sure that you’re caring for them properly by trying these effective ways to preserve them. You can prolong the life of your furniture significantly by practicing these simple methods.