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Any home wouldn’t be complete without furniture. Furniture defines a house inside. It makes it comfortable for any family to live on. It’s literally part of every person’s everyday life. But, furniture is far from related to digital. But all of that changes through SEO Philippines.

We at Muebles Italiano offer a wide selection of luxury and modern furniture in the Philippines. We currently have three branches; one located at SM Megamall, the other is located at Alabang Town Center, and our main showroom is located at Paseo de Magallanes Promenade.

Behind Muebles Italiano

Muebles Italiano is the top provider of luxury European and modern furniture in the country. All of our products are done with perfect craftsmanship. We guarantee our customers that each product are made with high-quality materials. Each of our products will make any room luxurious as we guarantee that each item is elegant and stylish.

We are a team of 14 furniture experts with over 24 years of experience. We have more than 127 successful projects under our belt and are proud of what we do. We take pride in making sure every project is perfect up to the last detail.


Digital Marketing Campaign

Muebles Italiano is already a known brand in the furniture industry. We rarely do any advertising because our brand speaks for ourselves. But back in 2013, we thought it would be best to have a website to display our products online and allow our customers to view what we can offer from the comfort of their homes.

That’s when we launched the official Muebles Italiano website. It had a classic look to represent our luxury Italian furniture. Aside from displaying our products, we also used the website to inform our customers of our branch locations and promotions. Our team continued to maintain the website and made sure every update on our catalog is displayed on the website.

We also created Facebook and Instagram accounts to tap possible customers on Social Media. We used these platforms to share Muebles Italiano news and post aesthetic photos of our furniture to give our customers design inspirations for their home furniture.

Optimizing the Muebles Italiano Website

After years of maintaining our website, we decided to move it up a little and realized that we are not maximizing our website as an asset. And so in 2018, we partnered with SEO Hacker, a search engine optimization agency in the Philippines that is owned and founded by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si. SEO Hacker is a team of young professionals who knows the ins and outs of Google’s 200 ranking factor. They create and optimize websites from the bottom up by using only white-hat SEO techniques to guarantee first page rankings for target keywords.

The optimization started by moving to to better identify our market in search engines is the Philippines. Rather than use our old design, SEO Hacker made a brand new design to give Muebles Italiano a simplistic and modern design. Rather than use the colors brown and green, the redesign used the colors gold and black to represent loyalty and luxury. We focused on making the website eye-catching and easy to navigate for users.

The strategy was still the same. Use the website to allow potential customers to view our product catalog without going to our showrooms. But this time, the goal was to optimize it. Our products were uploaded into an online shop design. We also added pop-ups and headers that allow our visitors to download our product catalog.

The redesigned website was beautiful but it came with a price. Moving to a brand new domain would mean all of the old’s website authority is gone. Back to zero. But the folks at SEO Hacker knows the way.

The SEO campaign kicked off by defining the target keywords that will be most beneficial to our business. After that, landing pages were created to target those keywords. Blog posts were regularly published every month to supplement the landing pages with content and bring more traffic to the website. Then link building was done to increase the overall authority of the Muebles Italiano website.

The Results

SEO is a long game. After the website redesign, it took 3 months for the efforts to have felt effects but we believe that it was all worth it. The website received less than 100 users monthly from March to June but then jumped to more than 300 users per month in July. The keyword rankings continue to improve and along with it is the increase of traffic. The number of leads also increased. Not only do potential customers contact us by leaving a message on our contact form, but we also optimized conversion rate by creating pop-ups and sticky headers that allows users to download our product catalog.


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