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Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

What are the common interior design mistakes?

  1. Over the Top Themes
  2. Bad Lighting
  3. Uniform Looks
  4. Creating Clutter
  5. Using Small Rugs
  6. Forgetting to Measure


Interior design is a skill that’s learned by a lot of professionals. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills, which is why it is common to make interior design mistakes. When looking at your design, sometimes you get that feeling that it doesn’t feel right. But remember, it’s natural to make mistakes and even most experts need a refresher. If you really want to step up your interior design game, here are the common interior design mistakes you should avoid.


Over the Top Themes

When first starting out, it’s a great idea to take inspiration from others. You can find a lot of elements you like and incorporate them into your rooms. But how much is too much? If you combine multiple themes, colors, and patterns, it could immediately get busy and overwhelming. You don’t want to do that. Too much will distract from the main theme of your interiors. Even if you’re a beginner, you can still get professional results by taking things slowly. Add elements and designs one at a time and see what looks best. This way, you can avoid going all out and you can create a beautiful, cohesive design.


Bad Lighting

Dark brown vintage living room sofa

Like with any art, bad lighting can make anything look distorted. With your furniture and interior design, correct lighting can create a beautiful interior story. To create the look you desire, avoid bad lighting as much as possible. Bad lighting can create a flat look that’s similar to malls and hospitals. To avoid this, you can layer the lights. Different types of lighting can help you achieve different looks in your home. Take some references online and see what you can replicate. Do this step by step and choose the right ambient and accent light. You generally can’t go wrong with dimmers and warm white bulbs. Again, trust what your eyes see and adjust accordingly.


Uniform Looks

Uniform looks are good, but not all the time. If everything matches from top to bottom, it can look repetitive. Monotonous styles can look great but some matching sets just don’t work at all. It can get boring immediately and the design can look lazy. Don’t make this mistake with your interiors. When picking furniture and decor, each piece should contribute something special. It’s fine to make a match but it takes out the uniqueness of the room. Don’t be afraid to explore and try something new. You’ll never know what you’ll find when you start mixing and matching.


Creating Clutter

A living room adorned with gold embroidered chairs

Even if you have a large room, it can still look cluttered if you position your decor and furniture in the wrong places. If you bunch up ornaments in one area, it could look like an unorganized mess. The difference between ordinary clutter and creative clutter is obvious. Creative clutter brings life to the room and ordinary clutter makes it look unclean. Avoid adding too much decor in one area and try making spaces easier to walk around in. You can take a tape measure and make some calculations. Make sure that there are at least 18 inches between each of your furniture to ensure proper flow.


Using Small Rugs

Even rugs can make a huge impact on your interior design. When you choose one that’s too small, it can immediately look off and unbalanced. When choosing a rug, make sure that the size touches the front legs of the furniture. As long as the legs are on the rug, you’re good. Before buying your rugs, make sure that you take measurements as you go.


Forgetting to Measure

A man's hands measuring a small table

This is probably the most important aspect you should remember. Having the right measurements can save you a lot of time and money. If you forget to measure your room, it’s going to be difficult to design it as you go. You could potentially buy pieces that are too small or too big. By taking measurements, you can see what you need to get without wasting time. Measurements also help out with creating the perfect scale for your room. Use a tape measure to your advantage and get an accurate visual of your space before shopping.


Key Takeaway

Interior design mistakes can be avoided if you take your time and be meticulous with every step. Design mistakes are common and they can easily be remedied with the right preparation. Avoiding the mistakes listed above can create cohesive interiors even if you’re just an amateur. This helps you create different looks that are unique to your home and style. If you’re still a bit confused, you could always go back to the principles of interior design to further help you out. List down these mistakes so you can create better designs later.