Whole living room spread from Muebles Italiano's Lilium Living Set

Romantic Retreat with the Lilium Living Set

How can you create a romantic look with the Lilium Living Set?

  1. Color
  2. Textile
  3. Pattern
  4. Lighting
  5. Details


The Lilium Living Set from Muebles Italiano is a beautiful and romantic living room set full of prestige and opulence. If you’re looking to upgrade your living room design in the Philippines, welcome your guests with this astounding collection. It’s easy to adorn your living room with this exclusive collection from Muebles Italiano.

Want quality, lacquered, and polished Italian craftsmanship? Or are you looking for vintage-inspired Italian furniture? Lilium is the way to go if you want to spruce up the look of your interiors. Interested in learning more? Scroll down!



Two living room chairs from Muebles Italiano's Lilium Living Set

Lilium offers a unique shade of off-white and deep champagne gold as the base tone for the whole collection. The polished gold surfaces give it a shine and glimmer that twinkles under the sunlight. It’s an amazing sight to see if you’re planning to remodel your living room.

These colors also fit well with neutrals and bright white walls. While you’re enjoying the off whites and gold, you will also notice a whisper of modernism with silver decals and details. It’s a modern yet vintage set inspired by the 1920s-1930s. If you really want to highlight your interiors, Lilium from Muebles Italiano is the way to go.



Upholstery is important for a luxurious experience. You may be using old furniture with low-quality cushions and upholstery. True Italian luxury furniture only uses the best, and you can expect the same from the Lilium living set.

Each embroidered design is made by Italian artisans who are experts in the craft. These artists create the intricate patterns you see on Lilium. Each upholstered piece is supported by advanced furniture stitching techniques and pristine, tensile threads. The quality is absolutely impeccable and you can expect that your furniture pieces will last for a lifetime.



Living room set from Muebles Italiano's Lilium Living Set

The Lilium living set from Muebles Italiano is available in two distinct patterns. One collection is more suited for the simple individual and one collection is suited for those who are looking for chic luxury. This set is high-fashion and straight out of an Italian movie set. You can easily impress your guests with the intricate patterns and designs on each part of the furniture. Lilium marries modern and traditional patterns to create a unique story any interior design enthusiast can appreciate.

The next set from Lilium is much more traditional. If you prefer classic styles and distinct shapes, this is a great alternative. The deep warm gold exudes a cozy vibe that’s inviting and relaxing. It is both comfortable and built to perfection. Pair the set with ornaments and decor from Muebles Italiano to complete your living room.



To really complete a room, it’s important to consider lighting. Lighting is an important detail that can make a room look striking. If done wrong, it can make the room look dull and lifeless. Fortunately, the Lilium living set features amazing lighting designs with your living room pieces to truly bring it to life. Lilium is a set straight out of the opulent era of the 1920s-1930s. You can expect the same designs to be incorporated into the lighting.

Light up your living room with an opulent Lilium chandelier that features gold fixtures and an elegant crystal curtain. Watch as your lights cascade and glimmer down on your furniture at night. Enjoy the sparkles and reflections in the morning. It’s the best day and night chandelier you can find on the market. If you need lamps for your tables, check out Liliums Lamp in Metal with Shade. The creamy gold lampshade with a metal base is a solid addition to your Lilium set. Light up any corner and surface with these luxurious Italian style lamps.



Living room chairs from Muebles Italiano's Lilium Living Set

Every detail in this collection is important. All are masterfully planned and crafted to create a unique living room design. A few extra ornaments and surfaces can take you by surprise and take your breath away. The TV cabinets protect your television and decor by using fine polished wood, leather, and gold and silver plates. The coffee tables are made from glass and metal. This means you can set your important ornaments, decor, and coffee table books down without worrying about the durability. Each detail in the Lilium Living set is an unprecedented quality you can only expect from a top-quality Italian brand like Muebles Italiano.


Key Takeaway

Make Lilium your next investment for a beautiful living room design. In the Philippines, Muebles Italiano brings all these high-quality sets at competitive prices, so you too can enjoy Italian furniture. Bring back the shine and elegance to your home with this living room set. The gilded designs combined with the opulent metallic plated finishes create an inspired set that gives an instant glow-up.

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