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A Guide to Luxury Furniture for Sale in the Philippines

Your furniture speaks leaps and bounds about your taste, style, personal preference. Purchasing luxury furniture for sale in the Philippines means you’re investing in high-value pieces that can enhance the look of your house and improve the value of your household. If there’s one important thing you need to know about luxury furniture, it’s that not all of them are prefabricated. Custom luxury furniture is widely available especially in furniture shops in Manila, as craftsmen are willing to work with clients in order to cater to their needs. Here’s a guide to luxury furniture:

Qualities of Luxury Furniture

Qualities of Luxury Furniture


There’s a huge difference when you talk about the construction of standard furniture, especially newer furniture because they tend to focus on using cheaper materials and construction methods that focus on speed and quantity of production. Much newer furniture being produced today are made with outstanding quality. Most of them might even pass off as “luxurious”.

Many regular furniture for sale in the Philippines tend to imitate luxurious or classic styles but aren’t built quite like authentic luxury furniture. Most standard furniture is made by machines, some by hand but with the use of staples, nails, and glue, in order to speed up construction. Despite looking posh and upscale, it isn’t made using classic construction techniques, thus the mid-range to low-end price.

High-end or luxurious furniture, on the other hand, focus on crafting using ancient or classic woodworking techniques alongside the use of the best materials. Not just the best available, but the best there is. The reason for the ludicrous price tag is mostly credited from the master craftsmanship involved in making a piece.

It’s a work of art. More often than not, high-end furniture comes with bespoke finishing and custom design. If you’re purchasing luxury furniture in the Philippines, the sale price would vary depending on how much work was done and what it is made of. You can expect high-end furniture to be a handcrafted piece by a skilled craftsman whose attention to detail means no margin of error and a beautiful end product.

Aesthetic Modernization

Even when choosing furniture for sale in the Philippines with a design that dates back to the 14th century, it doesn’t mean that your classic furniture needs to look dated as well. Most modern craftsmen and woodworkers integrate classic aesthetic with modern design. There are prefabricated luxury furniture’s that are designed to go well with a specific theme and there are shops that specialize in custom-made crafts.

Skilled craftsmen continue to innovate design and style based on trends while still looking classic and maintaining quality. Those who seek for the old-school look such as baroque, renaissance, and pre-renaissance designs may find them with much more color options with the same intricate details.

It all depends on the craftsmen who made them. The paint and finish used for these new classic pieces are meant to last for a long time, as better materials are used in order for them to preserve their pristine quality. This greatly affects their value as well. As luxury furniture are made to make a statement that regular furniture can’t present. That’s the beauty in the aesthetic of high-end pieces.


Looking good and having great design aren’t the only aspects of luxury furniture. What’s the use of spending all that money on a piece if it isn’t good at doing what it’s supposed to? No matter what type of furniture you’re buying, it has to be fully functional and provide lasting and superior comfort. Your furniture should also be designed with comfort and set your mood in a relaxed state. That’s the excitement of having the finest pieces of furniture in your home. They help you relax and looking at them is simply inspiring.

It isn’t all about design and quality, would you want a million-peso couch that looks astounding yet is a pain to rest on? Of course not! The essential ingredients that justify the price of a luxury piece include comfort. In fact, more quality should mean more comfort. A comfort that lasts is the party piece of every high-end product. Many low-quality furniture may seem comfortable at first, but throughout the test of time, the fabric will wear, parts will get wobbly, and cushion will start to sag.

In retrospect, low-quality furniture can only provide support for a limited time. High-quality furniture will last for years or decades when properly cared for. Their price seems justified when it comes to this factor.

Uncomfortable furniture has the potential to negatively impact your posture and health. Using chairs and desks with the right dimensions and proper padding can prevent bad posture and for the long run, permanent injuries. You won’t have such problems with luxury furniture, expert craftsmen know the right measurements in terms of making ergonomic pieces.


With a heavy price tag, you truly get what you’re paying for by buying at a furniture store in the Philippines. As mentioned earlier, high-quality furniture is made to last for decades and the finest pieces can last for generations. From the materials chosen, style of crafting, and honest care into piecing every part together, these works of art are genuinely made to resist wear, work against cracks and prevent stains. They aren’t frail.

You’ll be investing in improved home quality for decades to come. The visual aspect and comfort of high-quality furniture will bring you joy throughout a lifetime. This type of furniture isn’t like expensive gadgets that are susceptible to becoming outdated. In fact, their value may even increase as they age. Similar to art pieces and aged wine, the older they are the better their charm.


Another aspect of luxury furniture that was briefly mentioned earlier, most high-end pieces can be crafted to meet the demands of their customer’s preference. This is done with the thought of integrating the desired furniture to blend in well with a person’s room theme or to fit a certain section of their home. Bespoke workmanship is highly sought after by many customers, many prefab products won’t cut it for most clients.

If you’re after a certain style with a few tweaks in mind, then it’s best to look for a craftsman or store that caters to custom luxury furniture for sale in the Philippines. How can anyone go wrong with a piece that they had made to fit their taste?

Choosing a Style


Wood Types

There are many types of wood that can be used to make high-end furniture. Furniture craftsmen will know what’s best to use to ensure top quality and longevity. Normally, woods used in luxury furniture may vary from natural wood to the use of composites. Furniture made with natural wood needs more care compared to furniture made with composite wood.

Luxury furniture is typically made of the best wood. Exotic wood types are in high demand and difficult to obtain, this is the reason for its expensive price. The natural beauty of wood is irresistible to most individual. There’s just something about the texture, warmth, and feeling of high-quality wooden furniture.

Generally, the two types of wood used in furniture are hardwood and softwood. To clear things out, hardwood doesn’t mean that wood is denser and tougher, and softwood doesn’t mean that it’s more delicate and made from softer material. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees; these are trees that lose their leaves annually. Softwood comes from conifer trees; these trees don’t lose their leaves and usually stay evergreen throughout the course of its life.

Softwoods such as redwood and pine are usually cheaper due to its potential for mass production, while hardwoods like American walnuts and maple may come out as cheap, some hardwood species are exceptionally rare and are expensive.

Precious woods like mahogany, rosewood, and ebony are some of the rarest and most highly demanded furniture material. Many luxury furniture for sale in the Philippines, make use of Narra and Mahogany as these types of wood are resilient, soft, are loved for their reddish brown color that darkens as they age.


Luxury furniture for sale in the Philippines makes use of the best fabric in the world. Materials used may vary from silk, wool, velvet, fur, and cotton. These are all woven by hand. The fine details of the finished product of high-end furniture are alluring. The charm of handwoven tapestry lies in some weaving irregularities. This is a sign that the tapestry was not made with the use of a machine. Though even high-end pieces may have some irregularities, get are unnoticeable and give your furniture a human touch.

Modern weavers now have access to a variety of colors, but those who make luxury furniture still stick to the colors that were used during the olden days. Modern authentic tapestry can easily mimic the classics; some even apply a modern touch to the design. But most stay true to how original themes. Some old luxury furniture may even come with tapestry with uneven colors, to bring out that old-school charm.

When it comes to using leather, high-quality furniture craftsmen stay away from using synthetic leather. Though the said leather type is more wear resistant, it isn’t authentic and lacks the luster of genuine leather. Genuine leather is gathered from the hide of animals. The most expensive leather is made from alligators, while more common types of leather are harnessed from lamb, cow, goat, and bison.

Reasons to Invest in Luxury Furniture



Luxury furniture is built to last. With proper care, you will discover that high-end furniture have the ability to last for generations and are amazingly durable. The best furniture will last a lifetime if not mishandled in any way. You won’t have to regularly reupholster your furniture or always have to purchase a new one if you properly care for your furniture.

They are the perfect investment for those who have the means to purchase luxury furniture for sale in the Philippines. Monetarily, the value of luxury furniture will rise throughout time, given that your item is in great condition. These may be made of wood and cloth, but they’re the home product equivalent of an expensive watch or precious jewelry.


As mentioned earlier, even if there are cheaper furniture that provides the same levels of comfort, luxury furniture doesn’t have to be replaced after a few years. Most high-end pieces are even more comfortable than mid-range priced furniture. The best pieces can provide unparalleled comfort due to the best materials used.

Personal Style

It’s a common misconception that luxury furniture only comes in set sizes and shapes. Fortunately, there are a number of luxury furniture craftsmen who are more than willing to craft bespoke designs for their clients. There is also many options for new prefabricated furniture, from ottomans, beds, tables, and sofas. These craftsmen will never work with subpar materials; they will only give you the best in terms of world standards.

Purchasing personalized luxury furniture may be more expensive than prefabricated ones but will hold a higher value later on. As these are carefully crafted for a specific space and theme. Having to forge new luxury furniture with class and exquisite design takes a massive amount of time and effort, making one especially for you makes it even more special.

The Finest Furniture Only from Muebles Italiano

These are what you need to know about luxury furniture in the Philippines. It’s important to know about every aspect of these products as they are not cheap and careful thought needs to be done when choosing the right luxury furniture design for you. It truly falls under your taste and style, with a little help and suggestions from your luxury furniture provider, you can know more about the perfect products for you. For more inquiries about luxury furniture in the Philippines, click here to find out more about the finest furniture from Muebles Italiano.
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