What Makes Italian Design Attractive

What Makes Italian Design Attractive

What makes Italian design so attractive?

  1. A rich tradition of craftsmanship
  2. Resourcefulness and ability to Adapt
  3. An inimitable sense of drama


In a world with fast-developing technologies and a race for cheapness and mass production, it’s rare to find something that is truly attractive these days. There are only a few truly breathtaking products in modern society that really stand out. Italian-designed goods are one of those. Stumbling upon Italian furniture at a shop in the Philippines will always capture your attention. Italian cars are rare to come by but they’ll always turn heads. Why is Italian design so attractive? Let’s explore why:


Rich Tradition of Craftsmanship

Rich Tradition Of Craftsmanship

Italian craftsmanship has always cradled and is typically associated with high-quality. What makes Italian design attractive is the uniqueness of Italian style. Italian craftsmen have always made use of a blend of tradition, the best materials, and utilization of the latest technology. Italian made furniture and products are made by skilled craftsmen who employ cutting-edge methods in achieving models that capture people’s emotions.

Italian artisans of the past and the present always put 110 percent effort into crafting a product. With that simple idea, it’s easy to understand why genuine Italian furniture in the Philippines holds such relatively high prices. A single bespoke piece of furniture may take days or even months to accomplish. The result, a masterful work of art. What’s amazing about Italian craftsmanship is that they never broke away from tradition.

Though modern Italian furniture may employ the use of state-of-the-art methods, they have never used the latest technology to simply mass produce products. They meld their techniques with technology. No shortcuts are involved in the crafting process of Italian designers and craftsmen. Italy never joined the world of mass production and standardization. Their craft has never diminished even if most of the world is in the race for cheapness and regularization of goods. Italians are always known to create fully functional works of art that embody beauty.


Resourcefulness and Ability to Adapt

Italians had very little of everything. In the past ages, it was difficult for Italians to come by some silver, gold, or even iron. Many other countries had an abundance of natural resources while Italy didn’t have such luxury. Due to the lack of natural resources of the country. Craftsmen and designers of the past Italian ages would resort to developing unique techniques and methods to turn “simple” materials into masterpieces. They had no access to mass-producing products with “generic” looks. They had to focus on intricacy, this developed their mastery in the fields of arts and crafts, sciences, and engineering.

Due to this scarcity, Italian designers had to push the limits of creativity and innovation. They had to make the most of what they had. Their inventive ways helped them propel their inventive spirit. This forced them to utilize their creative minds to forge spectacles from their craft.


An Inimitable Sense of Drama

An Inimitable Sense Of Drama

Italian design has always been linked to a certain bravado and confidence in design. The hallmark of Italian design is its interesting play with fine details and efficient use of space. Italian craftsmen and designers have always had an eye for beauty. This concept may be subjective, but there’s nothing that repels people away from Italian design. Looking at Italian designs at furniture shops in the Philippines, no matter what era they’re from, you’ll never get the sense of it being outdated.

Italian furniture in the Philippines always looks magnificent. They give any home, room, or garden a magical flair. There’s a certain class that is associated with Italian design. Simply looking at a piece of art from Italy, you can immediately capture the emotion and sense of drama of the work. Compared to other similar designs from other European countries, none can imitate the quality, color play, and beauty of Italian design.

When you invest in Italian-made products, especially luxury Italian merchandise, you’ll always get the feeling that each handcrafted piece was made for you. This is the effect of their grandeur and intricacy in terms of design. If you buy handcrafted Italian products, chances are, you’ll rarely or never find one just like yours.


Key Takeaway

Italians have always been the leaders of splendor and grand design. With a rich cultural design history that has continued to influence modern Italian designers, they have always been at the forefront of beautiful furniture, clothing, automobiles, and many other crafts. It’s fascinating to know that their intricacy and attention to detail has never diminished throughout the years.

A history of scarcity in natural resources has forced them to survive and develop their own unique ways to stand out in the world. They made up for what they lacked with innovation and achieving mastery of the arts and sciences. This was prominent during medieval times and the Renaissance.

Everything they make has a sense of drama attached to it. Italians are known to live and breathe culture and art. Throughout their lives, they’ve lived with an unceasing exposition to artistic beauty. Crafting a work of art for Italians involve skill, passion, and emotions.