What To Ask The Best Furniture Stores In Manila For Luxury Pieces

What to Ask the Best Furniture Stores in Manila for Luxury Pieces

What are the most critical factors to consider when it comes to luxury furniture?

  1. Material
  2. Quality
  3. Construction
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Measurement
  6. Maintenance


The best furniture stores in Manila are home to beautiful, beguiling, and luxurious pieces that can transform your humble home. Most luxury showrooms are intimidating at first glance. If you look carefully and attentively, you can easily come home with your next treasured luxury piece.

In some situations, a glance and an impulse may not be enough when choosing your purchase. If you’re planning or are currently in the market for luxury furniture, remember to ask these specific conditions to get the best deal for you:



No two colors are the same and that also applies to materials. The right materials can determine the finish, durability, and the life span of a furniture piece.


  • Finish

The finish of the piece can make or break the aesthetic you’re going for. Matte finishes are great for rustic styles but can be contradictory to the opulence of glossy furniture. Excessively glossy finishes can look gaudy and tacky. Avoid looking too fake by choosing subdued glosses.


  • Durability

There are different levels of durability for the different types of material used. Particle-board or chipboard may look aesthetically pleasing but it doesn’t have the same solid feel and durability as real wood. This is why most budget furniture manufacturers prefer this material due to its apparent low cost and lightweight.


  • Life Span

Timeless luxury furniture pieces are an investment. Failing to choose the right piece can be a liability in the future. Impressive furniture pieces can feature detailed graining and carvings but without the proper measures of preservation, the quality can decay over time. Solid wood can age beautifully if maintained properly. Be sure to watch out and don’t be fooled by a first glance.




Good quality furniture always uses the best materials and methods for construction. The assembly of the piece is easily identifiable. Look closely at how the upholstery is sewn. You can tell if your furniture is of good quality if its comfortable.

Make sure there are no stray splinters and springs in the upholstery. Another identifiable trait of good furniture is the ease of care. Polished and sanded wooden legs are less likely to have dirt stuck in the grooves and nooks.



Well-constructed furniture is built to last. Using the best construction and assembly methods also guarantee comfort. Construction will also take into consideration the kind of chemicals used in each furniture component.

You can easily identify good quality construction by taking a close look at the joints. Nailed, stapled, and glued joints won’t last as long as using screws. Each furniture leg should be leveled and upright on the floor. Examine if it stands stable, it shouldn’t wobble.




Sometimes the furniture you want may not be compatible with your lifestyle. At the moment, you may not have any pets or children present. Cats are destructive when fixated on certain pieces. Upholstered chairs can be ruined immediately due to the sharp claws of naughty kittens. Babies can stain expensive fabric if they make a mess when unattended. Because dogs also love to mark their territory, furniture legs and furniture polish can degrade from the acids of pet urine.



If you have limited space, it’s always a good idea to take multiple measurements. Knowing how much space you have and need can save a lot of time. Symmetrical pieces are not always available but it’s always good to keep it in mind. This can help you in deciding the exact placement of your furniture piece.



Good quality furniture still needs tender loving care. Even with multiple coats of polish and varnish, it’s still important to take the necessary steps to make sure your investment lasts as long as possible.

To avoid fading, don’t place your furniture directly in sunlight. Water droplets can cause unwanted white spots to form. Avoid this by immediately wiping away any signs of moisture. It’s recommended to polish furniture with a soft, lint-free cloth every six months.


  • Chairs and Tables

Wood finished tables and chairs can easily be wiped off with tepid water or water with mild detergent.


  • Fabric

Most spills can be removed with a dry cloth. Do this immediately so that the liquid can be absorbed by the dry cloth. For stubborn staining, professional dry cleaning can be used should the occasion arise. Leather can also be removed with cleaning kits or soft cloths with mild cleaning solutions.


Key Takeaway

Ask the best furniture stores in Manila about these important points. As an informed consumer, it’s okay to ask a lot of questions. Your money is worth the investment, especially when it comes to choosing luxury pieces for your home. Good luxury furniture should use only the highest quality materials. Each piece should have the appropriate finish you prefer. The finishes can range from hyper glossy to semi-matte.

Skip out on the chipboard furniture and opt for pure wood to ensure durability and a long life span. Well-constructed furniture is a sign of high quality and lasting power. Avoid staples, adhesives, and nails, these are far from durable. Make sure that your lifestyle doesn’t cause any significant degradation to your luxury furniture pieces. In the end, you should be able to make a wise purchase that can stand the test of time.