Tips For Buying From Furniture Stores In The Philippines

Tips for Buying from Furniture Stores in the Philippines

What are tips for purchasing furniture?

  1. Budget
  2. Location
  3. Space
  4. Usage
  5. Material


Buying from a furniture store can easily get overwhelming. There are hundreds of places to choose from and more than a thousand types of furniture to buy. In the Philippines, modern furniture, rustic furniture, and a wide array of different styles are becoming more and more popular. And depending on where you live, the prices and availability may vary.

Purchasing furniture for your home gives a very mature feeling. Getting to choose what to put in your living room and bathroom can make you feel like a whole new person. Shopping for furniture should not be a boring experience. This is where you can truly have your personality and personal style shine at home. Here are some tips to consider when buying furniture:



The most important factor to consider is your budget. It’s one thing to look at furniture then find out it’s not affordable. Newbies often make this mistake, buying the first thing they see. Impulse buying with furniture is not advised. Good furniture is an investment that should be worth every penny. Also, make sure to research about the furniture you want to buy and don’t be afraid to bring photos and swatches.

Photos can help you visualize your idea while swatches help you pick out the material and aesthetic. If you have the time, make a mood board and make your shopping experience easier. Lastly, spend within your means, there’s no need to go into debt for furniture. If you really want a specific item, earn enough money first or have a backup budget before bringing your credit card out.




Take note of your current location. Is your area serviceable for deliveries and logistics? Does your area have varieties of stores to choose from? How much is the delivery fee? Is the item for pre-order? Paying large fees for deliveries should be avoided as much as possible. The delivery time is also determined by your location. Provincial deliveries can take a week or more depending on the supplier. If you’re in a hurry, opt to buy on-hand instead of pre-order.



Space is important to consider. It determines what can fit in your condo or house. However, there are certain loopholes to take advantage of if needed. For small homes and condos, to make a room feel bigger, utilize the use of thin room dividers. It gives the illusion of more rooms without actually having more space.

Homes can become cozier too with the right choice of decorative clutter and display. You can opt to place your furniture farther from the center to give more space. Homes can also feel bigger if the illusion of a higher ceiling is added. Too much space used lessens the airflow inside your house and that makes it feel and look closed off. Open space is always good for homes that need to feel bigger.




What will you use your furniture for? It’s fun to view magazines and websites for inspiration but not everything is really needed. Think about what you’ll use and how. This can also help you save space if you choose what to buy carefully. If you have pets at home, buy furniture that’s strong, durable, and easy to clean.

Cats and dogs may scratch your new furniture over time. Multifunction furniture is available nowadays and they’re good for condos and small homes. People who are rarely at home can benefit from decorations and furniture that are closer to the heart of the owner. Meaningful items that can bring sentimental value to the home is better than gaudy furniture.



Materials and components should be thoroughly examined and looked at. A rookie mistake is buying wooden furniture that is actually just weak plastic covered in stickers. Invest in good quality furniture that lasts. If you have a room that is sunny, avoid leather covered sofas or loveseats. If anyone in the family is allergic to fur, avoid materials that trigger allergies and opt for alternatives with a similar finish. Don’t place flammable furniture near anything that is hazardous. Research about the materials and don’t be afraid to ask an expert for their opinion. Remember to still consider what’s within your range.


Key Takeaway

Buying from furniture stores in the Philippines is an experience that’s full of potential. Most trends are modern furniture for Philippine homes. There is so much potential in what you finally choose for your overall aesthetic. The furniture you buy should suit your needs and style.

Look at your current home right now. What are the colors and materials? Play with colors and use the color wheel to add contrast or complimentary colors. For materials, follow or break your aesthetic for a specific room to add interest. If you’re a fan of house flipping or home simulation games, furniture shopping will be a breeze for you. The furniture you choose should bring the heart and personality to your home.