Iconic Movie And Tv Show Furniture

Iconic Movie and TV Show Furniture

What are the iconic movies and TV show furniture?

  • Casino Royale
  • The Matrix
  • Men in Black
  • Austin Powers
  • Game of Thrones


Furniture shops in Manila can be inspiring if you’re looking for great ideas. If you’re in need of more inspiration, movies and TV shows are just a few places you can look at to unleash your inner interior designer. Some designs just stick with you, especially when you’re watching a well-executed movie. Movies and TV shows are an art form in itself and the production designers truly bring each scene to life. If you want to emulate what you see in the movies and your favorite shows, then you should check out some of these memorable films and TV shows listed below.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale

The remake of Casino Royale has received a lot of praise for its high-quality cinematography, plot execution, and overall topnotch acting. In Casino Royale, 007’s first mission takes place in Madagascar. His mission is to spy on a terrorist named Mollaka. His investigation leads him to independently work on the case to expose the rest of the terrorist cell.

You can catch James Bond pausing on the iconic Barcelona chair. The chair fits perfectly with Ian Fleming’s adaptation. This designer furniture and retro set scheme really set the tone for Casino Royale. The chair was actually first designed in 1929. It exudes a unique serenity with the lines and the refined proportions really scream luxurious. The chair is supported by two chrome plated steel bars. The upholstery is plush but still manages to be masculine and robust.

The Matrix

How would you know the difference between dreams and reality? That’s the question the Matrix wishes to ask. This film went beyond aesthetics, stylish filming, and action-packed scenes to deliver a sublime philosophical experience that’s way ahead of its time. Thomas Anderson has a hidden secret, he may work behind a cubicle, living an otherwise bland and uneventful life, but he lives under an Alias, Neo. While manning his computer, he does some hacking on the side. He later meets his destiny, bombarded with constant questions; and among the most mind-bending is the question, “is his world real?”

An iconic scene shows Morpheus in a red chair. The exact shade is actually a rich oxblood leather that makes Morpheus stand out as a character. The strong design of the Chesterfield Wingback Armchair is perfect to place in a cozy study or living room. It can come in a variety of colors as well. But who wouldn’t want an oxblood arm chair? It’s strong, commanding, and breathtaking.

Men in Black

Men In Black

Source: Flickr

If you love the concept of aliens, tongue-in-cheek comedy, and clandestine stories, Men in Black is one film you probably caught in your younger years. It stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in a buddy cop movie with an added twist of extraterrestrial beings. The Egg chair is designed by Arne Jacobsen. It exemplifies the distinct design of the 1960s. This chair is a perfect fit for the set design and the futuristic and extreme design Men in Black wanted to exude.

Austin Powers

Austin Powers is a love letter to spy movies, albeit a bit over the top. It’s absolutely funny with Mike Myers carrying the film with his over the top depiction of a British spy. You can’t help but admire the outrageous set design by the filmmakers. It’s oddly familiar but unconventional in a good way. Mike Myers also plays a stereotypical villain appropriately named Dr. Evil. He sits on an ox chair by Hans Wegner. This domineering set piece is perfect for rooms with a masculine aesthetic.

Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

Source: Flickr

The Iron Throne is a coveted seat. Desired by many men and women of the Game of Thrones universe. Replicas and the TV show version barely touches the surface of how deep the meaning of this throne is. This is the seat of the lord of the seven kingdoms. The throne was constructed by Aegon I Targaryen, known as the first king of the seven kingdoms. It’s made from the swords of his surrendered enemies. It was rumored to have been made by a thousand blades, forged and heated by the breath of Balerion the Black Dread. The book version of the Iron Throne is uncomfortable, with sharp steel, impossible for anyone to lean back on. It was made with the philosophy that a king should never sit easy. Today, you can find replicas that are safe for use, which won’t cause any problems and molded from resin.

Key Takeaway

You can take inspiration from iconic movies and your shows to start buying from furniture shops in Manila. Set designers are professionals, you shouldn’t take them for granted. These people, along with the whole team, contributed to creating your well-loved and memorable films and shows that you enjoy today. Your resources are only limited to what you limit yourself to. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and use other sources media as your inspiration.